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Los Angeles is the biggest city in California and a world center of business, international trade, culture, media and technology. A booming metropolis like ours deserves a robust, next generation wireless network. That’s why AT&T is working hard to upgrade our wireless infrastructure in Los Angeles.

Wireless infrastructure investments lead to job creation and improved overall economic outlook in communities.  We want to do all we can to bring the residents of Los Angeles these benefits and more!  But we need your help.

AT&T and our employees have been part of the Los Angeles community for decades and we’re making significant upgrades to our wireless infrastructure in Los Angeles, at a critical time in the evolution of technology, when people are less tethered to a home or desk phone and need access to the people and information that are important to them.

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Celebrating Our Diversity at NCLR

Posted by Ken McNeely on July 24, 2014

I had the privilege of joining the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) family in Los Angeles this past week to celebrate our shared vision for a more equal and inclusive world. I applaud Janet Murguia and the NCLR team for your leadership and for delineating the civil rights issues of our day, including immigration reform, and how we may use technology to continue mobilizing toward positive change for the communities we serve.

We honored award-winning actor, producer and activist Dan Guerrero, who shared his coming of age experience as a gay Mexican-American boy in a place and time when the word 'gay' was forbidden. Today, decades later, we are reminded through shared experiences like Dan's, that when our country has chosen to be more inclusive, we have become better for it.

As a gay man of color, I am very proud to represent AT&T, where we understand that diversity is a central facet of our corporate culture and business success.  Our history of inclusion and diversity has opened the door for talented people from all walks of life and backgrounds to produce cutting-edge technology, innovations and platforms for others to connect and communicate anytime, anywhere.  In 1975, AT&T became one of the first major American corporations to adopt a policy prohibiting discrimination against employees based on sexual orientation. Continuing the spirit of trailblazing, AT&T employees founded in 1987, the oldest LGBT employee group LEAGUE (LGBT and allied employees at AT&T) in the country. Our commitment to promoting the diverse culture of AT&T is one of the core reasons that we are viewed as a great workplace, business partner and trusted member of the communities we serve.

As the President of AT&T California, I was pleased to hear Monday's announcement that President Obama signed an Executive Order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. In California, where we enjoy a successful and longstanding track record of working with diverse suppliers, we know first-hand that inclusive policies lead to better business.

Congratulations to NCLR for a successful conference, and we look forward to our continued collaboration on behalf of the communities we serve.

You can learn more about AT&T's commitment to the LGBT community here. Additionally, you can check out our video, highlighting this commitment, here.


The Legacy of Cesar Chavez

Posted by Adriana Martinez on March 27, 2014

Ever since I met Cesar Chavez as a young undergraduate student at Stanford University in 1991, I’ve considered him one of our greatest inspirational leaders. He taught us about the United Farm Workers (UFW) movement and its implications for people like my father, who had been a seasonal farm-worker for many years. I thanked Cesar for fighting for people like my father who work so hard for so little in order to provide for their family and create a better life for their children.

I remember and honor Cesar Chavez as someone who fought for dignity, respect and equal opportunity for all.

During Cesar Chavez’s generation, the battles were primarily waged on farms and in factories to ensure a respectable wage for hard work, a most fundamental right for any human being.  Yet, as he shared during his visit at Stanford, he envisioned a future where the children of farm-workers would never have to set foot on a field and instead put their minds to work in the highest institutions.  And, Cesar added, a solid education is the only ‘bullet-proof path’ to a secure and rewarding future for our youth. 

Education has certainly been my bulletproof path. Young people -- regardless of their economic circumstances -- deserve the right to succeed.  Today, I am proud to work at AT&T, a company with its own legacy of excellence and leadership that truly embraces the power of education. Through Aspire, AT&T’s $350 million commitment to education, AT&T supports communities to fight the high school dropout crisis, an issue that predominantly impacts students from low-income families. 

Tomorrow’s careers and jobs will increasingly require advanced skills and a familiarity with technology.  Indeed, we can expect technology and innovation to continue to improve and disrupt many industries.  Our youth are avid and proficient users of technology, and we should continue to tap into this natural affinity to ensure their educational and career success.

As we continue to blaze forward into today’s technological era, let’s think about the innovative, practical and relevant ways that our youth can get the education and training they need to seize the best jobs that tomorrow will bring. By working together and thinking about the infinite possibilities for our youth, our families and our communities, we can build a better future for all Californians and keep the spirit and legacy of Cesar Chavez alive. 

-Adriana Martinez, Director of Public Affairs, AT&T California

Donors Choose. We Match.

Posted by Anne Wintroub on March 03, 2014

There are so many benefits to project based learning – a broader knowledge base, greater understanding of concepts and enhanced leadership skills chief among them.  Few would argue the amazing impacts of “learning by doing.”  Yet, many schools across California struggle to provide these opportunities.  Teachers face limited resources in project planning – which leads to cutting projects that require additional materials.  This is why I’m very excited that starting this week, AT&T is teaming with DonorsChoose to step in and make some of these resources available for the spring 2014 semester. 

This is how it works: high school teachers post classroom projects and the requested budgets on DonorsChoose.  Anyone can browse through the projects, choose their favorite and contribute with a few clicks. As soon as a project is funded, the books, art supplies, field trips, technology or other resources are shipped directly to the school. Donors then receive updates, photos, and thank you letters from the classroom showing how they used the materials.

For the next few weeks, as part of AT&T’s commitment to education through AT&T Aspire, we are running a $250,000 matching campaign for high school classroom projects under $2,000 at our highest need schools. Right now, if a high school biology teacher in Oakland creates a $1,000 project requesting microscopes, once the project receives $500 in funding, AT&T will match the remaining $500 to complete the project. 

So, join us and support California teachers today.  Click HERE to browse qualifying projects.

AT&T Teams with Roadtrip Nation to Empower Students at-risk and Connect Them with a Brighter Future

Posted by Richard Porras on February 20, 2014

AT&T President Ken McNeely and I will join Roadtrip Nation in Santa Ana Tuesday to celebrate a $1.5 million contribution from AT&T.  As an Orange County native and AT&T employee, I am proud to announce that this contribution will enable Roadtrip Nation to engage over 15K students nationally during the 2014-2015 school year.

 Roadtrip Nation helps students at risk of dropping out of high school connect their school work and interests to real-world opportunities. Independent studies reveal that one out of five students do not graduate with their class; Roadtrip Nation fights this crisis with proven results. In fact, Roadtrip Nation students’ grades increased at twice the rate of non-Roadtrip Nation students over a 9-month period according to evaluation studies measuring the impact of the program.

Support for Roadtrip Nation is part of AT&T Aspire, AT&T’s $350 million commitment to education. With more than 1 million students impacted since its launch in 2008, Aspire is one of the nation’s largest corporate commitments focused on helping more students graduate from high school ready for college and careers.

I am proud to work for a company that places a high value on supporting the next generation. I look forward to celebrating this announcement with the young people of Santa Ana.

AT&T Now Hiring!

Posted on February 18, 2014

Inbound Telesale Representatives - Cerritos, CA

Great pay. Great benefits. New solutions.

If you love working with people and technology, you’ll fit right in here. From connecting with customers to providing innovative solutions and sharing product knowledge, you’ll be the voice of our company.

Being part of AT&T comes with many rewards and opportunities. Health insurance, 401k plans and tuition reimbursement? You got it. Newest wireless technology and industry-leading services? Check. Training and ongoing career development? It’s part of the deal.

Join the company that CR Magazine named America’s Best Corporate Citizen.
Apply today at http://att.jobs/telesales and join the Cerritos, CA team!

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